SMS Services

Enterprise Business Info Systems

Enterprise Business Info System (EBIS) SMS enables you to reach out to referenced/selected multiple users, irrespective of their country code and also provides a statistical analysis of messages sent out to the end users. When it comes to SMS delivery, we deliver to all networks available with any reference identity or sender identity of your choice without the do-not-disturb (DND) restrictions.

About our SMS Service

EBIS Short Message Service (SMS) platform includes Single, Bulk, Personalized bulk, Group and Scheduling SMS.

Single SMS

which has the option of sending messages to 100 mobile numbers including country code at the same time.

Bulk SMS

provides the facility to send SMS to multiple targeted audience/customers.

Personalized Bulk SMS

provides the facility to send messages to users directly, addressing the user of the mobile number, eg Dear Yinka, you have been given a discount of 20% on each SMS purchase.

Group SMS

provides facility to send message to a specific set of contacts. Group SMS works in the same manner as Bulk SMS, the only difference is that group SMS takes mobile numbers from a specific Address Book in the form of Group or Distribution list and every recipient can see messages sent to each member alongside replies.

Scheduling SMS

facility provides user with a schedule message to be sent at a particular date and time. All the types of SMS provide scheduling facility.


enables user to view details of messages sent by User and delivery status of sent messages along with detailed credit usage and statistics. Some of the following reports available for users are credit details, status, SMS reports and SMS summary.

Whatever the occasion, campaign, get together, or group study is, our SMS service allows you to inform people about your goods, services, events etc. It is not only cheap and affordable, it is efficient and effective.