e-Learning Solution

Enterprise Business Info Systems

The term e-learning is frequently referred to computer-based training which incorporates technologies that support interactions beyond that which would be provided by a single computer

Enterprise Business Info System e-learning solution is a fully functional, cost effective and user friendly learning system which would manage both the internal and external information of any organization, platform or investor, ranging from general information, banking information and all other information the user may require.

The EBIS solution is audience appropriate in terms of accessibility and level. It is likewise user friendly and very interactive. It suits the style of the learner in terms of learning, general interest and enthusiasm.

It launches and tracks web-based learning operations with 3rd-party content, including courseware, webcasting, authoring tools, etc. It has the ability to run web-based courses developed by internal staff. It links to other training sites or resources operations with content that is not standards-compliant. The solution can disable a course without removing it from the e-Learning Management System.

Some of the features of our solution includes;

e-Commerce, Communication & Collaboration, Administrative Functions, Live Classroom Management, Learning Management System Reporting, Learning Content Management System, Web Application & User Interface, Administrative Access/ Content Management System, Integration of a Robust e-Payment Solution on the web portal, Technical e-learning Development, Examination/Assessment Management.