Enterprise Business Info Systems

What do we do at EBIS?

Enterprise Business Info System (EBIS) is an organization that provides world-class consulting and software solutions that creates values and innovations with the drive and passion to deploy the best technology and services to her customers.

We develop interactive websites that converts visitors to customers.

  • Our websites clearly showcase services/offers of the foundation to visitors with clear and precise information to cater for the visitors’ concerns thereby growing the firm’s existing client base.
  • They are also engaging enough to give visitors a reason to visit the foundation based on the service they are interested in.
  • Tailor internally generated content to reach a global audience.
  • Expand the foundation’s online presence to cultivate a community of active followers.
  • Take advantage of new and emerging technologies through the deployment of a structured technology roadmap.

Some of the serviceable features that are added to our websites are:

  • Google Maps- Detailed Mapping
  • Business Directory- Display of Indigenous Businesses
  • Incident Reporting Portal- e-Reporting Crisis Tool
  • Online Community- Interaction with registered users on the website
  • Worth Sharing- Uploads shared by fans on the website
  • Now Trending- Most Visited Pages on the site