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EBIS software solutions are used by organizations of all sizes and industries to run their businesses profitably.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

EBIS ERP modules (accounting, human resources, procurement, project management, risk management, compliance, point of sales, and supply chain operations ) are used to centralize, streamline, simplify, automate, oversee, and monitor all core business processes and enable the flow of data between them

Know Your Customer (KYC) Solution

This solution is a high-grade, secured bio-data and biometrics capture, data identification, data verification, and validation solution, compliant with both local and international policies, best practices, and standards for customers'/citizens' personal information capture and management. We adhere to all GDPR and NDPR rules

Data Warehouse & BI Solution

The appropriate solution for your business development challenges. It is designed to identify, capture, extract, process, organize, analyze structured, and unstructured big data, and provide actionable analytics and insights fuelling digitally transformed business decisions and processes with in-house expertise for all models, OLTP and OLAP.

POS Retail Solution

Bid farewell to the frustration of lengthy queues and antiquated checkout processes. Our intuitive interface simplifies transactions and boosts customer contentment. Equipped with sophisticated tools for inventory control, sales insights, and effortless integration, our system provides all the essentials for elevating your business. Enhance your retail strategy and amplify earnings with our cutting-edge POS retail solution.

Enterprise Document & Management System

Are you looking for a user-friendly solution to digitize endangered physical paper documents, or trying to capture, track, catalog, organize, and store critical documents for effective and cost-efficient management? This solution is effective for managing the entire lifecycle of an organization’s content (documents, emails, videos, audio, images both operational and historical).

Contact Center Solution

Our complete contact center solutions from multi-tiered interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Outbound Predictive Dialers, CTI systems integrated with intelligence and analytics modules, and a robust Omnichannel CRM system for 360-degree customer interaction management is a cutting edge solution readily available to meet your organization’s challenges.

Enterprise Business Messaging

We provide end-to-end B2C interaction and messaging solutions across multiple channels including SMS(SMS Messaging Portal), USSD, Social media(Whatsapp Chatbot), and the web. Our Whatsapp chatbot uses artificial intelligence prediction algorithms for engaging in real-time customer dialogue. We provide everything your business needs - SMS/USSD for marketing campaigns with a robust report analysis.

Learning Management Solution Systems

Deliver real-time, anywhere, anytime interactive training and learning experience with our flexible, robust, and highly customizable Learning management solution system. This provides both students and teachers with a 360-degree classroom experience with built-in features like attendance management, quizzes, examination certificates, a payment gateway, live classes, a result center, and more.

Web Portals, E-commerce Solutions

One of EBIS best selling solutions, it enables your 24/7 business interactions and transactions with customers and suppliers, with built-in integrated collaboration experiences using multiple channels including e-mails, data, artificial intelligence, social media, and chatbots. We provide not just the solution but a good understanding on how to drive customers acquisition, on-boarding and retention. We help you track your web traffic

Customer Relationship Management

Our powerful, quick, and fast-to-deploy, CRM solution offers businesses an advanced and intelligent, data-driven, easy-to-use solution to optimally manage and maintain customer relationships, track sales lead marketing pipeline, and deliver actionable intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solution

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solution is a smart solution that eliminates routine tasks and fits your context, solving complex problems like humans through experience with the aid of computer algorithms.

Command Center

Whether you require a single display or multiple array displays, command/operations monitoring, we build and deploy best-in-class command centers and information, data, impression, and communication display networks customized to meet your service requirements

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